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Since 1991

Charlotte Swim Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to my swim lesson?

Swimmers can wear any swimsuit and should bring their own towel. Swimmers who are not potty trained must wear a reusable swim diaper. Goggles are not necessary, but we have plenty on hand for swimmers to use.  If you would like to bring your own goggles they cannot cover the nose.

Do you offer makeup lessons if we miss?

We do not offer makeup lessons. We operate on a full schedule for each session. If possible, we will try to add on time to other lessons to make up for the time missed, but this is not guaranteed.

How long will it take my child to learn to swim?

There isn't a “one size fits all” answer to this question. In our experience, students progress at different rates in the water much like they do on land. Your child's initial level of comfort in the water, their desire to learn, and their listening skills all influence their rate of progress. Rest assured that our one-on-one format allows your child to progress at the rate that is perfect for each individual.

If it is storming, are we still able to swim?

Yes, we are still able to operate during a storm.

Why Doesn't CSA offer group classes for beginners 5 and under?

We believe one-on-one lessons provide the safest learning environment and allow us to build the best swimming foundation for each student. It is our recommendation that a swimmer stay in private lessons until their skills indicate that they are ready for a stroke technique class.

What if I want to sign up in the middle of a session?

We are able to add you to a session if there is an available day and time that will work for your schedule. The tuition will be prorated to reflect the number of lessons that will be attended.

Can I request a teacher?

We do our best to honor teacher requests. However, circumstances beyond our control may prevent us from fulfilling all requests. Tuition covers a quality swim lesson, not a specific teacher.

Do you offer lessons for adults?

No, we offer lessons until around age 10 due to space in the pool.

How do I log on to the parent portal?

You must already have an account to log on.  The username is your email address.  You can reset the password through the website, or request your password be reset by emailing

How do I sign the waiver? 

The waiver and policies are on the login page for the parent portal. You will only need to accept this once or if there are any updates to the policies.  

How can I tell my child's skill level?

The skill level on the portal is for internal use only.  We use this to communicate between instructors.  If you have questions about your child’s swimming progress, please speak with the deck manager.

What if we have to cancel our lessons?

There are no refunds.  If you have to cancel for a session, a credit will be applied to your account at Charlotte Swim Academy.

What is your Inclement Weather Policy?

We DO NOT follow CMS, Union County, or private school closures.

To find out if we are closed you can call and listen to the voicemail for an updated closure recording.

We will make every effort to email those with affected lessons.